The Caucasus is a cradle of viticulture
with a winemaking tradition that goes back thousands of years.

The presence of the Greeks more than 2500 years ago contributed to the development of winemaking in this region.

While studying at the College of Oenology at Changins, Switzerland, Renaud heard from a lecturer about the vineyards on the Russian Black Sea coast and their excellent climate and conditions for winegrowing.
After Renaud and Marina Burnier had decided they wished to establish a winery on the Black Sea coast, they spent three years travelling the length and breadth of the Krasnodar region searching for an ideal location. Climate and soil were analysed in depth before the ideal site was found.


September 1999

First exploratory trip to the region.


Seven trips spent searching for an exceptional terroir.


Company established at Natuchajevskaya, in the Novorossijsk region.


Cultivation of 17 hectares.
The first vine to be planted is of the native Krasnostop variety.


First vintage.


Cultivation of a further 33 hectares.
The total area of the estate now covers 65 hectares with more than 10 different grape varieties.

End 2008

Construction starts on the wine cellar,
which is built into the partially stony, partially rocky subsoil of the vineyard slope.


First DOMAINE BURNIER wines are exported to Switzerland.


First bottling at the DOMAINE BURNIER winery at Natuchajevskaya.